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Some women choose a loving, financially secure family, rather than parenting themselves. While our center does not facilitate adoptions, we are able to educate you on the ins and outs of adoption, provide you with reputable referrals to local agencies and support you while you make the decision.

There are 3 types of adoption:

  •  Open Adoption (Modern)

  •  Semi-Open Adoption

  •  Closed Adoption

Reasons some women choose adoption:

  • They are opposed to abortion

  • The lack the financial stability needed to provide for their child

  • They want to finish college and begin a career

  • The aren’t emotionally ready for the responsibility of raising a child

  • They want their child raised in a loving home with a mother and father

  • They are struggling to raise their other children

  • They never saw themselves as a parent

Adoption is a loving, life-giving decision. Choosing to hand over the parental rights and everyday responsibility of raising your child is an important decision and should be well thought out. We can help you navigate through the decision making process and work through your initial feelings before you contact and adoption agency. The Pregnancy Center of Lapeer does not facilitate adoptions or connect clients with potential adoptive families. However, we are more than equipped to talk you through the basics of the 3 types of adoption, support you through the process and connect you with a reputable agency.


Working alongside a licensed adoption counselor, birth parents may create an adoption plan listing out the specifics of how often pictures and updates will be received, meet and screen possible adoptive parents and receive counseling before making an adoption choice. Modern adoption even allows for varying options for visitation of the child after he or she grows up. The decision to place a child for adoption may be reversed anytime before the child goes home with the adoptive family. After this it is a permanent, legal agreement. Adoptions can be facilitated anytime before and even after the baby is born.


Adoption Associates   


  Lifetime Adoption

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