Post Abortion Trauma is the negative psychological & emotional side effect that sometimes occurs after an abortion. The majority of women will have some type of negative emotion attached to their decision to end a pregnancy. Many experience feelings like grief, regret and shame. Many more will experience unexplained anxiety, depression and low self esteem. There are more than 40 negative symptoms that are common among post abortive women (and even men). Click more information to view the list. 

We want you to know that you are not alone in your feelings.


Our center has trained advocates who have been where you are and who want to support you. We can help you navigate your feelings and set you on the road to healing. Contact us for a confidential one on one appointment or for more resources.

Rachel's Vineyard is a trusted resource to help you find hope and healing after abortion. Men and women welcome.



We want to emphasize that you are important to us. We can and want to help you. All contact is confidential.