Appointments are available Monday - Thursday.  


We ask that you bring a photo ID. Acceptable forms of ID can be a school, state issued ID, driver’s license or passport.

Together, you and an options specialist will walk through education on all your options including abortion procedures  & risks, adoption  and parenting resources. You'll also have time to ask questions and discuss your feelings so that you can be sure to make your choice based on facts not feelings.

Most clients can expect to be with us for 60 minutes for a pregnancy test. Ultrasound appointments can take a bit longer at times and will not usually be on the same day as the test. 

All service are 100% free of charge and confidential.

*The PCOL does not perform or refer abortion services. Since we gain nothing from your decision, our goal is to remain neutral in your decision by providing information and emotional support during this difficult time. 


We want to emphasize that you are important to us. We can and want to help you. All contact is confidential.

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