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H.O.P.E. Parent Enrichment Program

(Helping Our Parents Excel)

The HOPE Parent Enrichment Program is an extension of the H.O.M.E parent mentoring program offering free classes, web-based parent education and group parent enrichment courses to Lapeer County community members with children under the age of 10.


Parent enrichment courses are offered to moms and dads in community on a limited basis.  Many of these classes are offered in a group setting but some are available through web-based at home education.  Here is what is currently available. (*denotes web-based availability)

  • *Labor & Delivery (7 weeks)

  • *Creating Kind, Courageous, Confident Kids (lessons)

  • Parenting without Shame (9 weeks)​​

  • *Value Packed Parenting (7 weeks)

  • Practical Fatherhood (4 weeks)

  • Being a Father  (7weeks)

  • *Co-Parenting (10 lessons)

For more information or to register for a class send an email to

At Risk Parents

The H.O.M.E Program will make it's entire web-based parent curriculum available to qualifying parents who are are at risk of losing parental rights of their child due to abuse, neglect or lack of resources. These parents must:

  • Live in Lapeer County

  • Have an agency referral

  • Have the likelihood of regaining custody

  • Have access to internet, smart phone or computer

  • Have a 6th grade reading level

  • Be willing to complete a pre & post test with each lesson

  • Be willing to devote at least 3 hours a week to completing lessons from their own home.

Lessons are chose by clients and printed progress sheets may be requested with notice as proof of completion. No parent mentoring or peer counseling is available through this program. Referrals can be made by filling out a form here.

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