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Material Aid Referrals

    Please fill this form out to the best of your ability. A representative of the HOME program will contact the client to conduct an interview and obtain a list of needs. A pick up appointment will then be scheduled within one business day in most cases. Please do not send the client to the center with a written referral. If it is an emergency that must be taken care of in a timely manner, please call the office. 

Community/ Emergency Material Aid is available to women who are:
-Pregnant or have a child under the age of 3
-Have legal custody of the child
-Living in Lapeer County
-Have a referral from an outside agency
-Can produce a valid photo ID

Emergency/Community aid is almost always granted to clients who meet the criteria. After the initial referral, material aid pick up may be available once every six months while the referred child is under the age of 3. Baby clothing is available up to size 4T. Cribs and car seats are not available through this program. Other gently used baby equipment and baby items are subject to availability.  All items must be signed for. No parenting education or mentoring is available in this program.

Parent Enrichment Course Referrals

    More than 150 web-based courses will be made available to qualifying clients. Lesson topics include: prenatal, baby & childcare, discipline, basic parenting, character building, life skills, practical homemaking, job skills and more.  Clients will complete a pre and post test with each parenting lesson. Parent lesson activity reports may be requested by the client only and printed for documentation.

Parenting Lessons and Enrichment Courses are available to women who:
-Have a child under the age of 3
-Live in Lapeer County
-Are in danger of losing custody of their child
-Have a referral from an outside agency or court 
-Can produce a valid photo ID
-Have internet access.
-Have a cell phone or computer capable of playing videos.

Agency Representatives with questions may feel free to call or email

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