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What if I lost/forget my ID?

If you don't have an ID, we can provide options education and pregnancy confirmation through a urine test only. Pregnancy forms and ultrasound require an ID. Acceptable forms of ID are: State ID, driver's license, school ID, passport.


What can I expect from my options consultation?

Most appointments last around an hour. During these appointments we educate our clients about all the ins and outs of the abortion procedures,
including our state laws on abortion and the physical/emotional risks you may experience afterward. We also do the important soul work most clients need, such as sorting through your emotions about the pregnancy, identifying what obstacles you are facing and what referrals you might need moving forward. Then, if you would like, we would also cover
education on adoption and parenting resources in the community. After the consultation, a urine pregnancy test will be administered.

Do you provide abortion?

We are a limited medical clinic specializing in options consultation and pregnancy confirmation. We do not provide abortion medication or perform surgical procedures of any kind. We do, however, educate women on what to expect during and after abortion, the risks associated with the procedures and the laws in our state concerning abortion. 

Can you refer me for an abortion?

Since there is often regret attached to an abortion decision and we cannot attest to the safety and cleanliness of any abortion clinic, we remove ourselves from the process of helping clients obtain an abortion. We can, however, provide you with a comprehensive list of questions that can help you to properly screen abortion clinics. 

Can you provide a letter of positive pregnancy?

If you receive a positive test result in our office, we can provide you with a letter of positive pregnancy. These forms are often used when applying for community or state assistance such as WIC or Medicaid.

Have other questions?

Our Options Specialists are available to talk anytime.

What if I am a minor?

In the state of Michigan, any woman aged 14 and older is in charge of making her own decisions when it comes to sexual health. This means she can obtain the following without parental consent:

  •     Pregnancy Confirmation

  •     Prenatal Care

  •     Birth Control

  •     STI testing

*The exception to this rule is that minors seeking abortion must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign for the medical procedure.

Do you take walk-ins?

While walk-ins are welcome, same day services are not promised to those who do not have an appointment. It's always best to call so we can be prepared for you and offer you the amount of time you need for your unique situation. 

Do you have Plan B and Ella?

These medications are sold over the counter to women age 14 and older. The PCOL can provide you with information about how emergency contraception works and whether or not you may have been ovulating (fertile) during the time of the sexual encounter. Since we are a limited medical clinic, we do not distribute medications.

Do you provide birth control?

The PCOL does not distribute any form of contraception. We do however have education available for you about the many types of birth control available, the methods of use, side effects and failure rates. We can also provide education and training about fertility awareness and tracking your cycle. Since we are a limited medical clinic, we do not dose medications or provide prescriptions.


Do you test for Sexually Transmitted Infections?

Some things to consider if you engage in sexual activity:

  • You can contract an STI even with a condom.

  • You may not realize you have an STI until it’s too late.

  • Many are contagious even when no symptoms exist.

  • Some STIs are incurable.


The PCOL does not do testing for STIs.

However, we are able to:

  •  Educate you on symptoms of the most common STIs 

  •  Talk to you about how to best protect yourself from contracting an STI

  •  Refer you for free, confidential testing


If you are concerned you have an STI:

  • Stop all sexual activity.

  • Get tested immediately.

  • Get treatment.


You may obtain FREE, confidential STI testing and treatment here:


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