What if I am a minor?

In the state of Michigan any woman aged 14 and older is in charge of making her own decisions when it comes to sexual health. This means she can obtain the following without parental consent:

  •     Pregnancy Test

  •     Prenatal Care

  •     Birth Control

  •     STI testing

The exception to this rule is that minors seeking abortion must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign for the medical procedure.


Plan B and Ella

These medications are sold over the counter to women age 14 and older. ID must be shown to complete the purchase. Emergency contraception is to be used within 72 hours of unprotected sex and is meant to prevent implantation so that the pregnancy does not continue to develop. This

isn’t without risk due to the fact that it is comprised of heavy doses of synthetic hormones and steroids.

The PCOL can provide you with information about how emergency contraception works and whether or not you may have been ovulating (fertile) during the time of sexual encounter.


Sexually Transmitted Infections

Some things to consider if you engage in sexual activity:

  • You can contract an STI even with a condom.

  • You may not realize you have an STI until it’s too late.

  • Many are contagious even when no symptoms exist.

  • Some STIs are incurable.


The PCOL is not a medical facility and does not do testing for STIs.

However we are able to:

  •  Educate you on symptoms of the most common STIs & STDs

  •  Talk to you about how to best protect yourself from contracting

  •  Refer you for free, confidential testing


If you are concerned you have an STI:

  • Stop all sexual activity.

  • Get tested immediately.

  • Get treatment.


You may obtain FREE, confidential STI testing and treatment here: www.crossroadscarecenter.org


Birth Control

The PCOL does not distribute any form of contraception. We do however have education available for you about the many types of birth control available, the methods of use, side effects and failure rates.


This painless medical test is the next step in determining the viability of your pregnancy. Regardless of which pregnancy option you choose, ultrasound is an invaluable tool and just like our other services it is offered free of charge.


Reasons to have an ultrasound before you decide are:

  • To verify intrauterine pregnancy

  • To rule out ectopic pregnancy

  • To determine the likelihood of miscarriage

  • To determine fetal heart rate

  • To estimate fetal age

  • To aid you in making an informed choice


The PCOL is working toward becoming a limited medical clinic but we do not offer U/S at this time. Once your pregnancy is verified, we may be able refer you for a free ultrasound at nearby pregnancy center.

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